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OEM roof rack removal

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I'm going to be helping someone pull the full OEM rack (rails and crossbars) off an '05. I haven't gotten to look at one yet and want to make sure I have whatever tools I will need. Any guidance or is it so straightforward that it isn't even worth describing? Do I have to pry off covers or anything, or are there just Allen bolts visible from above?

Thanks very much for any advice. TJ ('03)
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The rack on my '04 bolts right on and off. It's a very straightforward, few minute job. Suggest you get another person to help with lifting the rack off just because the thing is bulky.
It was a piece of cake. As it turns out we just needed a hollow T40 driver, unbolted six of those, and lifted it off. Installed on my 03 in about 10 minutes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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