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OEM 255/50YR19 replacement, which tire and TPMS

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I have an early '06 RRS HSE purchased in Oct '05. Now the OEM Conti CrossContact UHP are due for replacement after 33K miles. What are better alternatives to the stock OEM wheels for mostly urban/ highway driving?
How do I find out if my RRS is equipped with TPMS?
Also any recommendations on where to get them replaced in the South Bay, CA area (Mtn. View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara)?


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orbeamike said:
A quick search on tirerack found these General Grabber UHPs to have good rating and price. I hear General and Continental are the same company, just made in different factories. I wonder if anyone here have any personal experience with these?

http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp ... mpare1=yes

I have the General Grabber UHP's on my RRS, no complaints. Tread seems to be lasting longer than the OEM Contis did.

They're great summer tires, and work halfway decently in the snow.
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