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Hi everyone, I’m another new owner of a 2005 RR who is looking to iron out some initial issues after purchase. I figure that I’ll outline all of the issues I’ve run into for your reading enjoyment, as I’ve always enjoyed reading and helping with new owners. We have a 2004 Disco, and I have owner several P38s as well on the past but have always wanted to take a stab at an L322.

1st issue: on the drive home it actually caught fire! Seriously. It turns out that the lower hose from the oil separator was clogged, and the excessive CC pressure blew the valve over gasket on the passenger side and dumped copious amounts of oil on the exhaust. Thankfully it burned out quickly and there was no damage. I replaced the entire CCV system and the valve covers. Problem fixed.

2nd issue: I am getting persistent p0012 & p0022 codes as well as the occasional p0011 & p0021. From the service history it looks like the chain guide job was done at a BMW specialist shop, and it would appear as though they didn’t get the timing perfect. I did notice that the previous owner had the rig back in the shop where they replace the cam position sensors, presumably to fix these codes (obviously didn’t work). I own a 2002 BMW 540i and have successfully done the full timing chain guide job on it, and have all of the need tools, so it looks like I’ll fixing the timing on my RR next.

3rd issue: when putting the rig to the highest ride height I have blown two Arnott replacement bags, one that was already on the Rover, and one that was brand new. Both sides blew. It looks to me like the previous owner has changed the ride height values as it sits at what looks like off-roading height at regular, and regular at low. It also looks like at high height the compressor continues to pump air until the front bags blow. I need to check the air height values and possibly reset them to factory settings.

4th issue: the speedometer is not working properly. It only starts working at around 20-30kms so it is always showing a speed that is far lower than the vehicle is actually going. Highway speed doesn’t engage until I’m going at what seems to be around or over 100kms, etc. I’m wondering a speed sensor is failing, the cluster is failing, or if the previous owner changed some other values for whatever reason. As an aside, am I able to swap in a Canadian cluster without issue (odometer)? I should add that there are no dash lights beyond the SES light for the timing issue.

I’ve had the Rover for a few weeks and am already having to reset the timing, replace the VC and CCV system, and two front air springs! I really would like to sort out my last two issues if anyone has any insight.

Thanks so much reading, and for the comments I’m sure I’ll get ?
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