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Pretty much in the middle of nowhere now and got a CEL over the weekend, not flashing, just a solid indicator. Checked the gas cap and refueled the vehicle as per dealer recommendations, but light persists, and the nearest dealer is a 7 hour round trip - not that they will have free slots to take a look for several weeks. Nothing seems wrong, engine/tranny/exhaust runs smooth and sounds normal, but I won't be back in big city for another few weeks and wanted some peace of mind until then.

Was looking to grab a good quality device to pull the codes to better understand what's going on, and if it's critical to resolve now. Looks like the best one out there is the iCarsoft Lr II, but their latest software version according to the site is 11.10 which only supports up to 2013 model year Sport, but other sites seem to indicate that 12.11 is more recent supporting up to 2015 model years. Not sure if 2017 would be supported by induction as 2014-2018 are effectively the same base electrics as far as I understand.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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