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Alright - what's up with the RHS (NAS passenger side) O2 Sensor connection. It's located in an absolutely miserable place to get at. I had to yank hard on the harness plug to get it close enough to see and with one hand (crammed behind the valve cover) align, engage, and sqeeze tight the two connections. The human hand is a miraculous tool...
No good deed goes unpunished in LR world. I spent the money and got two new O2 sensors, even though only one was malfunctioning. The bad one I got replaced OK, the good one came out OK but the new O2 sensor won't screw in. (Feck)
The threads need to be chased, so I'm off to get a 12 x 1.25 mm tap to do the job. More special, one time use, tools. :roll:

BTW the special O2 Sensor socket tool was a real help, but you still need a good selection of 3/8" drive extensions and universals to get at the dang thing.

These jobs alway seem so easy... before you start. :(
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