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O O O O P S !!

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Well the old girl failed the MOT on two bits of welding. Rear body crossmember (now done) and front passenger side floor (UK left side facing forward). Welding this up unfortunately while putting out the flame underneath from the underseal using a CO2 extinguisher I must have frozen and shocked the air supply pipe to the front wheel airbag. WHISSSSHHHHHHHHHHH......


How hard is this going to be to replace?
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Can you fit a joiner and a section of replacement pipe in place of the faulty bit?
wrap it with electrical tape.

just kidding
Managed t get some high pressure fuel line hose that had an inner diameter giving a tight fit to the thin plastic air line (without the wrapping) So cut out the hole and pushed both ends in tight securig with jubilee clips and it seems to be holding so far. Did a bubble test with washing up liquid and got no bubbles on the high setting so hopefully it will hold now.

Electrical tape fixes everything :lol: I believe rover renovations has connector bits so you could replace the damaged section. Yes oops indeed!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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