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My 03 HSE had been driving great and then I noticed an ever so slight notchy feel to it when driving. I went through all of the possibilities in my mind. Prop shaft, ujoint, tranny problem, tires flat spotted, could have been a million things. It was nothing too bad but I felt it. Then the problem got worse. At low rpms when accelerating, like merging on the interstate, it would shudder, if I let off the gas pedal and then pressed it again it would quit doing it. I also noticed a bit more of the VANOS sounds coming from the engine. Then it threw up the SES light and I read the code, Cylinder 7 misfire. I cleared the code. I had to drive 400 miles for the holiday and the truck was fine cruising on the interstate but shuddered four times in different situations, interestingly it did not throw the engine misfire code even when the shudders were worse than ever. Also it idled in a lumpy way occasionally but not always. It was more pronounced and I began to think something other than the cylinder 7 misfire was the cause. I ordered a new spark plug (Bosch) and a new coil pack (Bosch) from a BMW parts house in Colorado. I referenced the parts to the 2003 X5 4.4 which has the same motor as the 03 RR. The parts came to $55 and I replaced the #7 plug and coil.

What a huge difference! The problem is completly gone and the engine is smooth and it runs like a scalded dog. Amazing how many symptoms can come from an intermittent misfire on one cyclinder in the M62 engine. Anyway I thought that some folks might be chasing similar problems around their trucks and might be helped what I learned from this.

Merry Christmas
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