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Okay, so last question from me regarding exhaust systems. I was checking out my system (identifying exactly where the leaks are) and noticed the large muffler in the front and the smaller one just past the axle.

I have read several posts stating that this is the proper setup. So I am clear on that. However, my question is regarding the cats. I do not see any cats on this RRC. So while replacing the exhaust from the y-pipe back, should I add cats to it at all or leave it as it is?

I am familiar with the US requirements for exhaust and cats - but I live in Qatar, so that wont matter.

I ordered a Flowmaster Super 50 Series SUV muffler to sit at the current location of the big OEM muffler (which has a nice rusted out spot on the seam). From there I am thinking one of two options: 1) add cats and straight pipe it after the Flowmaster; or 2) skip the cats and add another smaller muffler after the axle.


Oh, and I started downloading the disc 3 mentioned in a previous exhaust topic forum; but my computer went idle last night and disconnected from the net for some reason...

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If you have no need for cats in your area, why would you want to add them? I would skip the cats and skip the rear silencer. If the system is too loud for your tastes you can always have a rear silencer added at a later time.

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NRP performance exhaust systems uses a glass pack in place of the rear muffler. Nice sound. Maybe try that... :think:
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