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Hey all

I apologise in advance if this needs to go to the market place or somewhere else, so please feel free to move it if warranted.

I've moved back to the LR world after my brief stint with the G550... (long story, but bottom line, despite my feeling I could overlook some minor issues, like an adult not being able to sit comfortably in the back, or not being able to tow anything, or... you get the point :? ), I decided to get a FFRR '06, which is being totally hooked up w/ stock stuff to basically make it look like a larger Sport (to the consternation of many Mk III guys, who seem to view the RRS as a red headed African step child :cry: )
Anyhoo, I'm putting my stormer wheels on the FFRR, and getting larger tires (285/50) and unfortunately giving up my Nokian's which I swore I wanted buried with me (THE BEST FRIGGIN' TIRES EVER!!!!!! ), but their being 275/40 would look like go cart wheels on the FFRR, and probably feel like crap supporting that extra weight. So I'm tossing two (warranty replacing actually and convinced the tire guy to give me the larger tires since they can't find the Nokian's in the state of gardens) and will have two with slightly over 9/32 tread wear left, i.e. <25% worn, and would take any reasonable offer for anyone within an hour or so from NYC to pick 'em up.

I must say my suspicions were confirmed, FFRR folk tend to look a little downwards at the RRS familia, but don't you worry, I'll be a "sporty" till I die, just at a slightly higher elevation. :snooty:

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