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First impressions in Snowy Conditions
Fitted to my 2014 RRS SC a month ago. In our first snowstorm of the year in the area, I tested them out on a drive to our favorite local hiking location and was very impressed. The tires provided excellent initial grip in approximately 7-9 inches of snow. As the video highlights, there was virtually no wheel-spin at any point during a short ascent up a mild incline, and the tires were responsive to steering inputs. Braking was great, but not excellent (which is about as good as a non-studded tire can provide). Although the vehicle has 500+ horsepower and 450+ lb ft. of torque, the tires held on well in situations were significantly more throttle than was required was applied. Their capability to bite in and avoid the front tires “washing out” when turning was extremely impressive. The tires felt unstoppable in the snow, and I feel confident that I could easily plow through depths significantly higher than the ones in this video. (Note that the other vehicle in the video had driven into the area from an uphill entrance, and had become almost immediately stuck.)

I also spent some time on snow-covered highways (as a reference, virtually no cars on the road, and a few cars in ditches along the side of the road), including slush and compacted snow sections. The tires maintained contact through heavy slush, and provided good feedback on the slush’s impact in pulling the wheel one direction or the other. On compacted snow, the tires felt connected, although it was difficult to shake the ever-present and ever-unsettling sense that grip is less than normal asphalt would provide. A hydroplaning-like (in sensation) loss of traction occurred at approximately 60-65mpg during a passing maneuver, with the car doing a slight wobble as the tires fought for grip during the lane change, but tractions was quickly regained. Stability at speeds of about 75 mph was achieved without issues.

Dry and Wet Conditions:
The hakkapelliitas’s softer compound and tread pattern is certainly a noticeable difference when compares with the standard-issue Michelin Lattitute Sport tires typically fitted to the RRS. In dry conditions, the hakkapellittas provide noticeably less lateral grip (as any snow-specific tire would) and change the overall handling by inviting slightly more body-roll. Slightly increased noise at low-to-moderate speeds, and slightly more hesitation in responding to steering wheel inputs (especially at speed). I will caveat this point by noting that I am a spirited driver, and have pushed the hakkapellittas to the edge often in dry and wet conditions and found them to be only slightly less competent than non-high performance all-season tires (which is extremely impressive for a dedicated snow tire).

I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a high-performance snow tire that is capable in dry and wet conditions, and has (so-far) been unstoppable in the snow.

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Thank you for the review!
I was always concerned the combination of the lower speed rating of the tires and the big engine would create an undesirable result.
I’m gonna give them a try the next time I buy tires!
I’ve heard so many good things about Nokians

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Great write-up.

I have these on my '19 Td6. Agree that they have been unstoppable in snow - and we have had quite a winter to prove that around Tahoe this year.

For anyone having trouble sourcing them, Pat at Tire Factory has been awesome to work with. I'm on set 3 from him (3 different cars).
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