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I don't want to start another oil thread or run an ad for Amsoil but I thought I'd share my recent experience as others have complained about noisy lifters and/or tappets.

I changed my oil for the first time on my 95 lwb with Royal Purple 20/50 at 128k miles. I noticed the engine sounded louder and more mechanical after putting the Royal Purple in. I've run Amsoil in all my vehicles for the past 20 years. I moved to New Orleans a few years ago and couldn't find Amsoil in any stores so I switched to Mobil 1. A friend recommended Royal Purple when I was contemplating my first oil change in my new old Classic. 1,000 miles after the oil change I noticed an erratic tapping sound and tracked it to the cam/lifter part of the engine. My first thought was that catastrophic engine failure was in my future. The noise was consistent with a cold engine and after warm up. It was loud enough that my wife noticed it.

Coincidentally I had just signed up as an Amsoil dealer to purchase oil for my wife's truck, my motorcycle, and my Rover's differentials. I ordered some 20/50 Z Rod oil and an Amsoil filter for the Rover. 3 days after my Mityvac oil change (see Mityvac post) the noise went away. The truck runs better and sounds much smoother and quieter. The thermostat gauge now runs on the cooler side of the center line. It may have been a clogged lifter that coincidentally cleared itself and the noise could return but I think the Amsoil detergent package had something to do with it.

This is not an Amsoil commercial but I've used their oil in multiple Ducatis, BMW M motors, a turbo Audi S4, a turbo Suburu, a P38 4.6 RR, lawnmowers, generators, Toyota trucks, and now my Classic. My experience has always been positive with smoother running and quieter engines. The Z Rod oil has a high zinc content that is supposedly good for flat tappet engines. I think some of you run Rotella for the same reason.

Again, I'm not trying push Amsoil or start an oil argument but anyone experiencing lifter noise may want to try this Z rod oil. It seems to have worked for me and I still have no leaks.
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