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OK, my new engine is in (yay!) BUT.........
I have been cruising about for a little while, first 50 miles no problem then an irritating wheel speed related "whoom, whoom, whoom" noise started sometimes when moving at slow speed or letting off but not every time another 50 miles and it is either a "whoom-tap, whoom-tap, whoom-tap, whoom-tap" or just whoom or tap (sorry for the technical descriptions btw)
any idea what it could be? if i am accelerating gently it shuts up, if i apply the brakes sharply it shuts up but a gentle press doesn't seem to affect it. I am struggling to hear where the noise is coming from, it seems to be everywhere. I have run out of patience after spending the last week replacing the engine only for something else to break. i effing range rovers! (not really but i am very frustrated!)

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when I had the whole swivel housing replaced one of the guide pins on the brakes decided to seize and hence the pad was unevenly pressed against the disc untill a heavy foot was applied to move the seized pin, made similar type sounds and the ocasional clunky click when a stamp on the pedal was to be had.

just an idea...

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TerryG said:
"noise" when letting off
I had a smirk when I read that! "Letting off" is another term for a fart down here. `)
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