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noise.. mainly when braking..

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hi guys

i'm trying to get to the bottom of of a regular knocking from underneath, quite loud when braking, and sometimes heard faintly when travelling at speed

its not the exhaust anywhere, and i barely have to touch the brakes to start the knocking. its not a CV thats 'clicking' round corners

theres a bit of wear in the front bush on passenger front radius arm, but no noise when i move it with a bar myself. there may be a 'bit' of play in swivel bearings but i've not stripped to look yet

is there anything more obvious i should be checking? i really cant imagine what could be giving such a regular/loud knock at this moment, tho i'm sure i'll kick myself when i fin the culprit!!

thanks a lot guys

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Just a short list of things to check.

Brake rotor splash shields can make noise.
Missing/ worn brake pad hardware. Do you have caliper piston shims or brake pad shim plates? I suggest Wurth copper paste CU1000 or CU800 for brake hardware lubrication.
Parking brake drum/shoes.
Worn drive line components, front and rear differentials, U-joints, transfer case.
Rear SLU ball joints.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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