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No, the EAS is fine, now it's the AC

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Just a few seals here and there, and a quick reset with one of Storey's cables, and the air bags are inflating like they should.

Now it's the A/C. I'm finding that it quits working when the temperature gets above about 90 degress f. or so. It sounds a lot like the three way switch adventures listed here http://rangerovers.net/newrremedies.htm#airconditioning on the common fixes page. When the temperature is lower, the A/C runs like a champ for hours on end. I've had it recharged, pollen filters are cleaned (although my new ones are on order since I'm due for my annual filter swap).

Has anyone had similar symptoms caused by anything BESIDES the 3-way switch? And when I go to swap this thing, I'm suspecting the system will need to be evacuated, right? Shop manuals are not exactly clear on this point.

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The switch is a possibility. I would wait for a hot day when the A/C isn't working right and see if the compressor is operating properly. If the clutch is engaging like normal but, you are noticing it not being cool enough in the car, then it is an issue with the gas either being to high or low in the system. Mine does this when I run the compressor for to long in hot conditions. I recently fixed my leak but, I know I either under or over charged the system for the trial run.
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