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Hello Everyone,

I am here in sunny Florida! Just got a 03 Range Rover from the auction 100k mls. hit in rear was running for a while. Got stuck at the body shop for too long the battery dies. I replace the battery now it has code P1672 (Serial link with Immobilization ECU-Exchange code Implausible) took it to another local mechanic to sync no luck. A few days ago I brought it to the stealer he calls the next day and says "Its the fuel pump $1600" I told him its not I ask " Where did you check for power" he says at the fuze box not at the pump. I told him he need to check at the pump because the local mechanic had, in order to get power to the pump he jump the relay. "He says to me well if not that its the steering column for $6000."

A day later, day two he calls...."I have to change the steering column." I told him to email me his explanation and he did. "Change steering column." I send him the above suggestions documented on this forum only to be told its not working but he offers no other solution. Looks like he does not want to sync immobilizer module):):

Please help I am bending over at the stealer??????????
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