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NO Start NO ECU but Cranks

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Has anyone ever had this issue:

I just replaced my transmission cooling lines and now my 1993 LWB will not start. The inertia swith is fine. I have no brakes, heater, or dash. Seems the entire ECU has been shutdown. Strange thing is that the starter cranks the engine just fine but no fuel pump, spark, ECU, or brakes. I checked all the fuses. All are fine. Any suggestions.


1993 RRC Beluga LWB
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After 4 hours of picturing the issue in my head and researching via this web site, I am happy to report that the isssue is a warn steering column ignition key lock. The back end of the key lock after thousands of turns back and forth wears out and loosens over time rending the unit inactive. Much to my chagrin, the new unit is about $300. But I can't complain since the issue happened in the comfort of my gargage. Hope this helps someone in the future.

Cheers and Happy Rovering
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