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no start 1992 range rover classic

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Hi I just bought a 1992 range rover classic that has some problems.. I am trying to diagnose the reason that the truck wont start this is what ive done..

checked the relays both the fuel pump and the main relay for the efi both work fine and when the key is turned on cna hear clicking
replaced the fuel pump
pulled the fuel pump out and tested it on the bench.. works fine
tested the plug that plugs into the fuel pump and am getting 12 volts..
checked the inertia switch and that is fine..
so im not sure what else to check..

when I check the fuses under the passengers seat the 20Amp main efi fuse is blown and is blowing as soon as i turn the key on...
also i was told that with a range rover if there is an electrical issue on a range rover the parking lights stay on.. cause they are on..

on wednesday i am going to pull down the headliner in the rear of the truck and check the fuel pump ground as i saw thats where its located on allsat.. any other ideas what it could be??

Thanks all
A1C Hutchins
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I am having this same issue, relay clicks like crazy when I turn the key, here's what I've got so far:
-12.3 volts at battery at starter and at battery earth point
-issue seems more apparent when it's cold (20 reg and below)
-10 and 20 amp fuses under passenger seat are fine
- fuel pump earth looks clean and is tight

Any ideas? It sounds like a weak connection esp because the battery has full juice. I did consult RAVE but honestly it's not very good.
Thanks for the info. Finally got a chance to clean all the contacts on the relays and test it again. The battery read 12.2 sitting, 9.5 with the key in the acc position, and 4.5 while cranking. Going to get a new battery tomorrow and hopefully that will do it. Any recommendations for a cold climate battery?
Brand new Optima yellow top came today. $200 after the core charge and free shipping with the sale they're having right now at O'Reilly right now.

The battery not only solved the starting problem, but made my driver's seat motors work again! The power mirrors now work as well. Now just the passenger seat and 3rd brake light to figure out and all the electronics will be sorted. *knock on wood*
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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