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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi everyone - first post here, no doubt the first of many!

My other half has just brought home a 2001 DHSE. All seems well so far and the only glaring fault I've found is that the sub in the boot doesn't work. It's got the HK speaker setup with bass and mid drivers in the doors and tweeters on the columns, but no central speaker on the dash. The Head unit and CD changer appear to be of the Alpine variety.

From another thread here I found the pin-out of the sub connector to be:
Purple -- power
Gray w/black -- power switch on wire from radio
Black -- ground
Orange -- signal wire
Orange w/black -- signal wire

I can measure 0 or 12V on the switch wire as the HU switches on and off, but the constant 12V (purple wire) has nothing on it at any time at all. I've checked fuse 15 under the driver's seat which according to the documentation is where the sub takes power from and it's fine (it also provides power for the interior lights, which are also fine) which leads me to conclude that there's a problem somewhere else. The 12V accessory connector on the other side of the boot seems to be working fine, so I suppose at a pinch I could 'borrow' a 12V supply from there, providing that whatever circuit it's fed from can supply the requisite amperage. I've read through the forum and done some googling and couldn't find this exact problem detailed elsewhere so wondered if this is a known fault, or if not if anyone would be able to point me in the direction of where to look next.
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