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Hi All!

Having a devil of a time with my L322. Had the common steering lock failure which led to me purchasing a 2nd hand steering column.

But now I am experiencing what seems to be a seperate issue. I am not getting any power to the steering column once plugged in. In my troubleshooting I found a thread that stated if you jump the pins 7-1 on the harness that plugs into the steering lock it will trick the ignition into unlocking thus allowing you to turn the key and get a read-out via the OBD-II port.

This worked fabulously twice. But no more.

I fear that jumping these two pins may have caused a short in the harness but I am not sure where to look. My idea is to tear into the dash and follow the wires until I can identify what has gone. Before I do this, has anyone experienced this that can point me in the right direction before I tear into the dash.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.
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