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Hey guys, hope you can help me out.

I'm a ecu remapping specialist and have a issue with a customers vehicle (2006 Sport 2.7 tdi), I've just returned home from a job which i had to leave unfinished due not being able to get a power feed from the obd port. This isn't a very uncommon problem in my line of work but it is the first time i've come across it on a RRS, the normal problem is a fuse in the engine bay fuse box which i'm sure is the problem this time round too but i've so far not been able to locate it.

I checked all the blade fuses and didn't find anything blown but when i went to check the relay fuses due to not having anything on me to pull them out with and failing light i've not managed to locate which one is at fault....

Google has been of little help and i've been unable to get hold of a diagnostics/electronics specialist this evening, so if anyone can please help by telling me which relay fuse provides power to the obd port, i'd like to be able to return to my customer with a immediate solution rather than having to go through each one again.

Any help and or advice is greatly appreciated, many thanks - Ed.
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