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No O2 Sensors??

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so i have ordered the hedman headers and flowmaster three chamber suv muffler for my 92RRC. i climbed under the truck a minute ago just to see how difficult it would be to replace these parts. that is when i noticed the y-pipe coming from the stock manifold does not have cats and does not have O2 sensors. i search beyond the giant stock muffler at the center of my classic, and still....no O2 sensors anywhere.

did the uk models not come with cats or O2 sensors?? what is the result if there are no O2 sensors?
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It did not come with O2 sensors. Not until the P38.
Danny said:
p76rangie said:
It did not come with O2 sensors. Not until the P38.
Maybe not in all territories, but mine has them.
Did you fit the LPG system? If it is a close loop system they would have been fitted to control the LPG.

Sorry, had the year wrong. Mine is a 93 and doesn't have them, but by a UK site they appear to have changed in cars produced late 92 or MY93.

"The 14CUX has all the hardware to use Lambda probes to keep the fueling spot on to best suit the catalysts, and keep the emissions low. Any G33 produced pre August 1992 however was not fitted with the lambda probes or catalysts as it was not a legal requirement, and not running a catalyst can have a slight performance advantages, by not restricting the exhaust gas flow."
crypticbcd said:
yeah, tracking on the differences with vs without cats. prob not going to see much in a small block V8. i just need to figure out how to get it to meet EPA standards so i can import this to the US when I leave here.
Why do you want to import it? They are very cheap to buy in the US.
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