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No more Rear Diff Guard Available?

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Recently I had my rear diff guard's upper bracket snap on me. The guard is still held in place by other bolts, but make a horrible grinding sound. I have tried to get in contract with South Down to find out why they no longer seem to offer the rear diff guard when they still offer the front diff and axle guard, the front steering guard, and the fuel tank guard. Does this make any sense to anyone? It looks like I have to fix the rear diff guard at a fab shop. Has anyone else had to fix their rear diff guard and if so please let me know what you did and how it worked out?
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Bearmach do a simple guard.
If only i had one Southdown rear diff guard for a week in order to save the pattern 8)
I have all the guards except this one. Sh**
I have the rear diff guard for the P38, but it is broken on the top bracket. I am going to have it sent to a fab shop to do a welding repair to make it solid again. I have used it, but it was the washboard roads that caused it to break. I am also going to look into using carriage bolts on for the two lower bolts which will have a glancing blow, instead of a direct blow that regular bolts might have with the trail.
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