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No Ignition Lights. Help A.S.A.P

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i went to start my 1996 range rover 4.6 hse tonight and there was nothing, all the electrics work, but when i go to start the car, theres no noise or anything, just a single click. No lights come on at all like they usually do when you put the key to top spot, non the heater part comes on either.

ive had the RAC out just now and he cant seem to fix it, hes tried all fuses, battery, cables, alternator, starter motor everything. says it might possibly be something to do with whats under the drivers seat, i cant remember what he called it. and he also mention something to do with relays.

any help you lot have got will be grateful, and as soon as you can please, i need it for work and pretty much everything.
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It's either the under bonnet fuse box failing to provide power to the becm,

or your becm has packed up.
Under the drivers seat (RHD) is the BECM(Body electronic control module).It has a number of fuses next to it.Where these checked as well as the under bonnet ones?
yes, both fuse boxes were checked, thats where the clicking is coming from, under my seat.

my mechanics checking all my cables and starter solenoid, which ive looked into and sounds a possibility, hes given me a number for a local diagnostics so ill try him after.

you guys know how much a BECM would usually cost??
The fuse box under the bonnet is a known failure.ie the box itself even if all the fuses are ok it is still possible this is the problem as there are numerous tracks on the PCB which can overheat and burnout.It is much cheaper and less complex to replace than the BECM.(which requires specialist equipment to program a new one to suit your particular vehicle. )
how do you check to see if the fuse box itself is dead?? or can you not?? because the rac bloke tested the readings from the fuse box, battery, alternator and all over to be honest and said there wasn't a noticeable drop in the readings.
my mechanics been round again and it had it jacked up, and tested currents again, and he checked it from the battery to a small wire on the soleniod and says theres no connection at all to it. you guys got any what this could be??

if i put the windows down and turn the ignition key the windows stop working too, dont know if that helps for anything either.

cheers guys.
another bit of news, theres a clicking sound coming from under the fuse box itself too. ive looked around on here and there might possibly be a lose connection there so the circuit is not running through properly.

can you guys help as soon as please, cos if it is the BeCM, im affraid ill have to scrap my car, just been made jobless doesnt help with all this either.

i just find it weird how at 3am my car was perfect, not a single problem, then less than 12 hours later it wouldnt start at all. is that normal??
I suggest you remove the fusebox ,strip it and examine all the cable conections and tracks and check for loose ,burnt,corroded connections or tracks.This will at least enable you to confirm your problem or eliminate this a cause.
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