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No Gears

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Okay, parked my 4.0 P38 manual up, went for a walk for an hour or so, came back and no gears!!

I had the clutch done a week ago, no warranty though as it was cash in hand :(

Anyone have any ideas what it may be? There is no feel to the gear lever whatsoever, no gate and you can run it around in circles the full extent of the box without it feeling like anything is there

Any pointers greatly appreciated!
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If you have recently had the clutch replaced sounds to me as if they have not refitted the the Gearstick properly or have left something loose when refitting stick to the Box. Could be the nut that holds the Gearstick to Ball Part in remote Selector Housing.
You need to remove the Trim Etc. around the Gearstick to have a look, easy enough to do. It is always possible something has broken in the selector housing I guess.

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