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Just FYI, My vehicle: 2016 RRS Td6 Diesel, 93K miles
Last week I got the dreaded “No Engine Restarts In xxx miles. Incorrect Diesel Exhaust Fluid Quality Detected” This is the 5[SUP]th[/SUP] time I have needed to take it into the Dealer for this issue. Since all but one of these happened when I was far from the Dealer I purchased the vehicle from, different service technicians have worked on the problem along with different geographic area Tech Assists.
Attached is the work order write up this time. Of significant note, this is the first time the “Long drive cycle” has been able to reset the system. That gives me great hope that the problem has finally been diagnosed and corrected with the installation of the new DEF injector. I sure hope so, with the drive back home, I have less than 5K miles remaining on the 100K extended warranty.
20181115 RRS Td6 DEF Quality issue Repair ticket.JPG
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