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newly bought classic; oil light keeps burning

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i am new to the RR scene. Bought a 1984 glenfrome conversion on ebay; which has been stood idle for about 6 years. Drove the first 120 km to the ferries without problems.
Starting after a couple of hours waiting made the oil light come on; with level not optimal, but not too low. oil pressure resuming allmost in the middle of the meter. Engine running sweetly.
Drove it up to the ferries; and topped it up first thing. No result. Drove another 120 km home without problems.
Changed the oil, new filter; and cleaned the connections of the wires connecting to the filter.
Now on idle still oil light; and higher rpm it stops burning.
anybody an idea; problems with the oilpump????
What should the oil pressure readings ideally be?? (cold/warm engine0
Any suggestions of what to do next???
The engine keeps running sweetly!!!
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G'day Mr Frome,

welcome to the forum.

Oil pressure for a 3.9 is 2.75 bar/40lbft/in2 at 2500rpm with engine at running temperature, your 3.5 is probably similar.

Get a decent workshop to read it with a mechanical gauge to see exactly what is going on.

Could just be a faulty sensor, but not something you want to mess around with... :wink:
Check the oil sensor on the side of the oil pan. Mine finally broke both wires there, so the oil light will flash for a little bit on the dash and then time out.
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