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Hey guys, new to the site and wanted to share my adventures in modding my truck. I have a ‘12 Supercharged RRS with about 127k miles. Bought it used with a warranty and got the timing chain worked on after after about 20k of driving and have put on about 30k since then. New brakes and had the suspension worked on, new shocks. Truck runs great and I just recent threw a set of Nitto Grappler G2 285/50-20 on there along with a Pedal Commander throttle response controller and a set of K&N air filters in. The air filter opens up the sound a bit and you can hear it breathe a bit better. The Pedal Commander is ridiculous and reduces any lag between your foot and the throttle, instant power like a Tesla. The Nittos look awesome, not too much road noise. Depending on the air pressure, the ride is smoother but less responsive, that’s a given.... I also threw a set of Yakima roof rack as I plan on getting the large Yakima off grid roof rack. I also ordered a lift kit from Green Oval Experience about 2 months ago and still waiting.

Here are a few things I plan on getting down in the next few months:

- Voyager bumper and winch
- Voyager rock slide
- Compressor and transmission skid plate
- ARB on board air compressor
- some off road LED lights for the front and rear
- Greenlife lithium battery (possible 2 with a relay so I can run stuff with the engine off for a bit longer.

My brother in law has a heavily modded Jeep Wrangler and we plan on going off-roading and I’d like to make this a overlanding truck. I will probably add a refrigerator, cell phone booster, CB, and some more LED lights, and an awning for some shade. Also thinking of getting a solar panel on the truck somehow. I used to have a travel trailer and I installed a solar panels system with lithium battery and it was pretty amazing to be off grid for an extended period of time.

Would love to hear from anyone else who has experience with this or if you have any questions, more than happy to share my insight and opinions.

Oh I’m also into getting more power of the truck and considering Eurotoys lightweight upper and lower pulley upgrade with their Vswitch chip upgrade. Think that’ll get me in the 630 HP range. Will also probably do the resonator removal before the end of the week just to get a slightly more aggressive sound.
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