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Newbie P38 owner

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Hi all.

I finaly bought myself a Range Rover, 1996 2.5 DSE automatic. managed to get it all the way home [nearly 70 miles] without it breaking down so was well pleased. Yes it has a few faults, but hey, its only a machine!!

Looks like I need to visit my local LR dealer and book a testbook session just to see whats been going on instrument and HVAC wise, but before i do that does anyone have any ideas on the fault thats bugging me most [presently]. I bought the Rangie xmas eve at night - yes it was raining, first, then snow later!!! i had no owners manual so didnt know how to work much and managed to switch off the instrument/center console lights thinking the little switch on the indicator stalkcontrolled the headlight position :oops: !

Switching the instument lights back on again has not been succesfull, so what am i doing wrong or what is the common reasons why this may have happened? I have checked all the fuses but non appear to have blown - but dont see, in the limited information i have at present, what fuse might protect that circuit assuming it has one. Everything else electrical appears to be working with the exception of a possible fault with the HVAC judging by the little open book and exclamation mark beside it when selected to 'Auto'.

Any ideas guys?

N Yorks UK
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Go to FAQ and download the RAVE CD. This will give you all manuals you need.

Quote from page 49 of the owners manual in RAVE:

Instrument dimmer control

Rotate the rocker switch to the left or right to
reduce or increase the intensity of instrument
panel illumination. The dimmer also controls
the illumination level of switches and (where
fitted) the intensity of the air conditioning LCD
The instrument dimmer also controls the
intensity of the message centre display.
However, note that if the illumination level is
set to its maximum (rotate rocker switch to
the right and hold), then a momentary press
of the rocker switch to the left will dim the
message centre display, but leave the
instrument illumination at maximum.

The page has a picture of the left stalk with the switch in question located at the top of the stalk.


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Check your relays if you don't have a permanent book symbol.
Thanks guys. I downloaded the RAVE manuals but have only just figured out how to access them. I dont recal if the the dimmer actualy worked or not but the instrument lights were definately on when i bought it, i switched them off accidentaly using the procedure outlined, but for whatever reason i cant get them to come back on again. Might just be the switch - who knows, just need to do some fault diagnosis.

The hvac may well be a relay somewhere as the heater works, the AC seems to work, but the Auto system seems a bit intermittant and flaky, I will look at the manuals.

There is a huge amount ofinfo on this site, with a lot of folks who clearly know how the RR works. Been reading how my brake modulator is going to fail!! something else to rebuild after the EAS block!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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