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So I had the old tight guy's v8 back to do RTV. You might call this CT, MOT, ITV, letting depending on where you are. It is the thing where it usually fails for gases.

Mucked around with butterfly valve air inlet etc the usual stuff when all of a sudden the p38 threw a wobbler. Beep beep beep codigo incorecto.

Try door locks right one doesn't move. That is in a L.HD

By now it had put motor desconectado (disconnected) on the dash. Dash showed me the middle finger when I started to do EKA
I said something flowery in French and took the lock out.
Motor burnt. BECM not talking to me.
Thought I am #not taking the BECM out. Not again.

Got a cheap motor today for ç20.000 =35 USD with a bad micro switch. Made one out of two, but battery back on, started car without right outstation connected to lock, connected lock. Job done.

Just for fun I tried EKA and o behold it works.

So don't keep insisting if it won't do anything, collect a stash of old locks.

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