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I finally took the plunge and got a set of 20” wheels with 275/55R20 K02 tires to replace the stock 22’ the truck came with. So far, I am happy with them. They are a smidge louder at low speeds, but not enough to complain. There is not a discernable difference from the 22” Continentals at high speeds which a find interesting.

Grip wise I have only tried them on dry pavement and dirt/rocks. On dry pavement, they grip more than well enough even on spirited driving. About the same or a very small amount less than the Continentals.

At highway speeds, the car doesn’t have the same planted feel as with the 22” street tires which are to be expected due to the larger sidewall and additional tread depth. They feel a bit less responsive and more squishy (technical term :geek: ). Once you turn and they take a set they feel solid.

On a different note, I have a question for the folks that have done the swap including the spare tire. Did you have any issues with the TPMS? I got the tires mounted at Discount Tire and they are having some difficulty getting the sensors to talk to the car. Their latest explanation is that the spare tire needs to be “reset” by the dealer. They will pay for it, but it sounds weird to me. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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