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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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New to the Forum - took a chance and it seems to be paying off

We used to have a Discovery to pull my daughters horse trailer, but it was not strong or heavy enough and the brakes were scary. Now that she is back in to horses again I just bought a 2004 HSE Range Rover to tow the animal around to events and shows in style.

A chevy Tahoe would have done the trick and probably been 100% reliable, but Ugh! As we don't expect to use the RR that often, we bought one that needed some work but the price was good. To date jobs have included

Replaced heater resistor
New Brakes and rotors
New suspension bushings, front and rear (not all needed, but best to replace in pairs anyway)
Replacement upper and lower radiator hoses after the top hose burst on our first drive
Tow hitch wiring and brake controller
Fixed power steering hose leak for Maryland Inspection
Replace side marker bulbs
Bought the RSW ODB reader and software

Managed to do most of the work myself (except the power steering hose, suspension and alignment). Have learnt a lot on the way and no major mistakes that I would admit to.

Love the car and I think it is going to get a lot more use than we planned. It feels just like a 7 series BMW in many ways (very subdued until you floor it)

This forum has been incredibly useful. Almost everything one needs to know is somewhere. I keep going to post a question, only to find that it has been answered many times before.

Hoping the honeymoon lasts.............
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