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New to mr RRS after parting with my Discovery 2

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I picked up a 2002 Disco 2 about 2 years ago in non running condition, fixed it up, restored the interior, lifted it 2 inches and ended up selling it at a 2k profit (not counting hours I spent working on it). So I was without a Land Rover for 1 whole day, then picked up this RRS supercharged with 98,000 on it. Records for new brakes, diff fluids, transmission service, and a coolant flush. Going to do an ACE service this weekend, and fix some problems (parking sensors not working, and front seats need a good cleaning). It was converted over to coils, rides good but have the parts to put air back in, which I might do. Anyhow it was only $9000, which seems like a good deal.
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