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New to me P38 questions

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I have just picked up at bright yellow 97 Range Rover "Vitesse". It has the Cameron Concepts supercharger kit.

Very nice and clean inside and out.

I took a chance on her, the chance is that she overheated one time and was immediately parked. When the PO tried to restart it, the car wouldn't start.

When it overheated coolant overflowed out the radiator cap. He stated no smoke from the exhaust.

Any ideas on what this would be?

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aussiesmg said:
Thanks....I think. lol

I am having the alt rebuilt as we speak, There might be an issue with the GPS, it seems to be flickering on even when the car is turned off, I do not have books, yet, so I can't check it out but is it normal or likely to be a bad ground?

If you don't have it, download RAVE and check the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual.

Update on Big Bird, well we found that a chunk had broken off one piston, so rather than mess with this car,(I have several others) I had PT Schram who is local and a RR expert/specialist replace the injured core, but the replacement ran like crap and was also bad so in went number 3, added some new tires and she was running great but after a couple of days under boost coolant was pouring out the exhaust so back it went.

Sounds like just another Brit :D hope I get some relatively painless miles out of her soon.

BTW the O rings were leaking and were replaced at the same time.
Coolant leak turned out to be the radiator plug broke, while it was there PT also fixed some door lock issues. I actually got to drive it last night, the wife and I went into Ft Wayne for dinner, manage 100 trouble free miles.

Oops moved pics about and lost the links

Here it is at the Mitty, ran 1300 miles without a hiccup

Runs down the highway like a ... well like a Range Rover
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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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