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New to me P38 questions

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I have just picked up at bright yellow 97 Range Rover "Vitesse". It has the Cameron Concepts supercharger kit.

Very nice and clean inside and out.

I took a chance on her, the chance is that she overheated one time and was immediately parked. When the PO tried to restart it, the car wouldn't start.

When it overheated coolant overflowed out the radiator cap. He stated no smoke from the exhaust.

Any ideas on what this would be?

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how about some photos ? and what region are you in ? i'm assuming from your user-name your in Australia

would recommend you find a friendly independent mechanic that loves Land/Range Rovers
then pull the radiator out, service/replace, then pull the blower and heads off, go from there.
be prepared to maybe spend some $$'s on a rebuild. you may be lucky.
while your at it, replace and move the thermostat to the top of the motor, you can buy an aluminium 'tree' to replace the original housing.
btw when/if you get it, there is also a piece that clamps into one heater hose to reduce the flow pressure
this is how i know;


have just about finished a total re-build of mine, hopefully firing it up tomorrow

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will try and select relevant info from post.
it's probably worth registering, there is a fairly active P38 section there.
this is with acknowledgement to P38arover, who is a wealth of information.
there are two types of 'tree' dependant on whether it is a 'Thor" or 'Gems' engine

P38arover :

However, help is at hand. When Davis Performance Landys rebuilt my 4.6 thjey fitted an 88 deg C thermostat in the standard position for all previous Rover V8s and I fitted one of these straight-through sputniks in place of the thermostat housing. It was purchased from Davis.

See also this thread: RangeRovers.net • View topic - Possible to Change Location of Thermostat?
Ron B.
p38arover :

Davis Performance Landys
233 Annangrove Rd Annangrove, NSW 2156 - (02) 9679 1978
a little research from that thread and i find that a similar discussion is on here


all the best

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