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New to me P38 questions

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I have just picked up at bright yellow 97 Range Rover "Vitesse". It has the Cameron Concepts supercharger kit.

Very nice and clean inside and out.

I took a chance on her, the chance is that she overheated one time and was immediately parked. When the PO tried to restart it, the car wouldn't start.

When it overheated coolant overflowed out the radiator cap. He stated no smoke from the exhaust.

Any ideas on what this would be?

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Blocked radiator, air bubble from a leak in the o-rings/throttle body heater/return nipple, bad head gasket....or what probably happened...the back two cylinders ran lean and the PO fried it...and he just sold you a big anchor...knowlingly or not.

Good luck.
Awesome! Gotta love those easy fixes.
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