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I have recently replaced my front air struts and I am finding it difficult to get the camber adjustment done when I go to get an alignment. Originally I went to the dealer and that was another story.

The alignment place says they are unable to adjust camber on the front as there is a little plastic piece at the top of the new strut that has to be snapped off and also they don't have the land rover tool (LRT 57-045)

Currently they have left the front camber set at-
Left front 0 degree 13'
Right -0 degree 25'

I have read posts that say camber on the front should be - front to 1 degree negative and right side .5 to .75 of a degree or 30- 45 minutes of 1 degree negative. Not sure if thats for left hand drive of if that matters.

My RR L322 2006 is right hand drive

Is the answer that L322 owners have to buy the tool if they don't want to go to a dealer

I would be interested to hear if anyone has got this sorted.

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