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Hello - after spending a few days reading this forum I've decided to join. Looks like a great group of folks with tons of knowledge.

Ok - I am getting ready to purchase a 08/09 Sport SC. I've read quite a bit about the new 'select CPO' program LR launched in October and it's been mostly praised, especially when compared to the previous 3rd party CPO program.

I am unable to find a credible list of exclusions. (besides the usual wear/tear)

I did find one link (http://landrover.bobmoore.com/certified-pre-owned-program.htm) which listed, among others, the following exclusions:
front and rear shock absorbers, MacPherson strut cartridge insert, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), suspension adjustment.

However, on another website there was a quote by one of the LR reps stating that the new 'Select CPO' now offers coverage for suspension and SRS unlike the previous 3rd party CPO. So, are the suspension and SRS covered or not?

1. Has anyone had experience making claims/repairs using the new Select CPO
2. Do you have a list of the exclusions? (I've tried to obtain them from the dealer but you imagine how helpful the sales guys are... they always say, 'it's bumper to bumper'...)
3. I am aware that the CPO coverage won't be the same as the original 50k factory warranty but do you think it comes close? (with respect to coverage, I don't really care about the 150 point inspection and the other fluff)

Thanks a lot.

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Little late but this is the first time I've had the ... err pleasure of dealing with this exact issue..

Currently I have LRNA not covering Suspension Components.. (or Dealership)
2008 RR SC

Right front AirStrut Failed - leaking Air
Left Front AirStrut Cracked - Will fail

Lower front rear Bushings have been worn showing wear (cracks) since I purchased it used ~60k and added CPO warranty to 100k/x years of additional service.

Due to specific wording (that again is nowhere available publicly to view) the same thing you have listed: is still listed
that they won't cover - at least at two different dealerships that is the wording I'm getting. Also LRNA hasn't agreed to give me the CPO warranty as it is supposedly available at the retailers...
(then who supplies that to them? why can't that be posted publicly for download?)
wording relates to normal struts and shocks - not specifically air suspension and Electronic suspension components (like the 150point inspection does supposedly cover - point 121 is electronic suspension components.)

For vehicles like LR2 and Evoque with standard suspension I'd agree those things are not integral to the drive train response system, like the air struts are.

The right front going bad while driving would pull the truck across lanes then stabilize and I thought I had a flat tire.
No errors - no check engine / no errors about compresor overload / leaks

A bad strut on an LR2 will make the wheel bounce
LR3>RR will put a car in limp mode and is a much higher cost to replace ~$1,200/1,500 a corner.

Other Major repairs\
Transmission due to downshift bump (like someone rear -ending you at a stop)

- Confirmed the issue with LRLasVegas after haggling with the issue for over a year with Originating Service Dept - they never felt / heard the issue, while in the heat of LV it was more consistent - they trouble shoot a 5.0 RR 2010 and ended up replacing trans - Same result with my Trans after 1.5 years of complaining about the issue.

Currently starting a case with LRNA and dealer is requesting the repairs in writing to see what the response is.
- So for reference I've had an Air strut replaced under CPO Warranty in ~2010 on an LR3. Right Front was leaking and pretty much toast but threw errors - the left was also diagnosed with same issue just after warranty expired (that was the old CPO to ~62k)- traded it in instead.

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I did find one link (http://landrover.bobmoore.com/certified-pre-owned-program.htm) which listed, among others, the following exclusions:
front and rear shock absorbers, MacPherson strut cartridge insert, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), suspension adjustment.
Welcome. That link does not work.

Btw, they should have included the McPherson strut assembly, only because the RRS does not have one, it uses a double wishbone. :wink: They always seem to get you on a technicality with these things.

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