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ok hello again.....i have not been logged out...........good.

got a 2006 rrs,hse.......

manufactured date 8/06

in use date.......10/06

miles.......32,000 approx.

last service date.....9/09

had it at the dealer this morning and he said u only have your 48 mo. 45,000 mile service left !!!!!!!!!

why not 42 mo./ 37,500 granted its only an oil change?

and he also said that major service must be done by the end of may 2010.........???????

didnt make sense. have a feeling he wants to short me on one service and why by may 2010?

need ur repllies guys...........thank you.

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I am assuming you are in the US, as I don't know how the complimentary maintenance deal used to work abroad on MY06s. The math doesn't make sense to me either, but in my opinion you should take that last freebie and run before the SA changes his mind since, unless your dates or miles are off, you really should not be entitled to that 36-mo / 45K miles FOC tune-up anymore. If the car was purchased in October of 2006 and it was obviously a low-mileage vehicle, to obtain the 6 free scheduled tune-ups the previous owner would have had it serviced every 6 months, meaning that the sixth and last free service - at 36 months - should have occurred around September / October of 2009. Remember, it's every 6 months OR 7,500 miles, whichever occurs first. If you miss a service you lose it, it doesn't carry over to 6 months later. :wink:

I think your factory warranty (4 year / 50K miles) s/b good until October of 2010 though, so I am not sure what the dealer means by stating that the "last major service is due by the end of May" either :?:
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