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Hi, so I thought I wrote one of these intros, but haven't seen it in a few days, so I must have done something wrong.

Anyways, I'm new to Range Rovers and Rovers in general, but not to off-roading. Ive built several 4x4s of other makes some from the ground up (I MIG, TIG, and re-build anything except an engine block). I even spent a lot of time in a Series 110 in Madagascar in another life.

I recently bought a Southwestern 1989 RRC that I plan on modifying heavily for off-road use. I love the old Camel Trophy videos, and will definitely take some inspiration from those. I'm here to learn about what folks have done to modify their RRCs and Land Rovers to make them tougher and more capable...if that's possible (I think so).

I should have some parts that will need to be re-homed and also need a few bits already...someone hacked a rather gross hole in the floor of my RRC as a quick fuel pump access. I like the idea, but would have cut the hole a bit more carefully. Anyways one thing I'd really like to find, and soon is about 1-foot square or the corrugated aluminum (I pronounced it the British way there) to make a proper door for the hole.

Thanks, and cant wait to meet more Rover heads in the greater Phoenix area.
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