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New RR Owner

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I am a new forum member and a new owner of a 1997 RR SE 4.0. I have no real idea what maintenance has been performed on this vehicle. I just turned 99k and runs well and the air suspension works well. The truck passed inspection with no problems. I flushed the cooling system and put in distilled water and antifreeze. I changed the oil and filter. At this point I am wondering what else I should do as far as fluids. What are the best fluids recommended for the transmission, tranaxle etc.?
What other service/preventive maintenace would the forum recommend at this point?

Thanks guys
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Welcome Aboard would be a advantage with help and advice if you added your location.

welcome to the board and to the club of Range Rover owners!

Please add your location to your profile and your model/year to your signature, it will help in diagnosing eventual problems.

Regarding the type of fluids to be used, you should get a copy of RAVE (google for green oval and you'll find a site where you can download it) if you haven't already got it, the type of fluids and when they should be changed is in there, along with other service schedules.

Judging by all the P38s I get the following I think should be off important consideration, though its just a start and does'nt cover everything as theres lots to do.

Brake fluid replacement and bleed through (special sequence)
Front and rear axle oils (Many I drain are way over due with oil being black and lots of very fine metal particles visable)
Transfer box oil replacement, use ATF dexron III (Again dirty and wrong oil types I have drained)
Gearbox oil change, if very dirty drain and replace again after doing some driving
Power steering fluid change
Cooling system clean and flush using a 50/50 mix (no benefit in using distilled water if using a 50/50 mix)

Check that correct spark plugs have been installed and gapped.
HT leads tested to determine if still ok to use
Replace fuel filter (Located near air tank)
Check and replace air filter making sure it sits properly in air filter box and not allowing dirty air to enter engine
Engine oil, well it depends as I find a 15W40 a good balance on the Rover V8 engine
Water pump and all pulleys to be inspected, (best done with belt removed)
Thats just for starters, enjoy
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viperover said:
Cooling system clean and flush using a 50/50 mix (no benefit in using distilled water if using a 50/50 mix)
Distilled water is preferable to tap water for use in vehicle cooling systems. The minerals and ions typically found in tap water can be corrosive to internal engine components especialy aluminium engines, and can cause a more rapid depletion of the anti-corrosion additives found in most antifreeze formulations.

You'll also find a copy of RAVE to invaluable as it shows pretty much all the maintenance and repair procedures, although there are some alternative/improved ways of doing things detailed on the main site.

ps welcome
Re: New RR Owner-Rave Problem

I downloaded the Rave files as recommended but whenever I try to open any one of them I get sent to look for 3rd party Acrobat reader plugins without knowing what to look for and use. All the files do the same thing. I have Acrobat reader 9 on my computer but as it is, I am unable to open any of the downloaded Rave files. Thanks for any additional help

I think RAVE uses Acrobat reader 4 or 5. Mine automatically opens it when I start RAVE, but I know if I have any other Acrobat windows open in a later version it will not load until I close AR 1st.
Just remembered - I'm pretty sure the first time I opened RAVE I looked on the disc for RAVE.exe and used that to open it. Don't try to open Adobe and try to then open RAVE. Then either RAVE or I created a short cut on my desktop (sorry grey cells starting to fail me)
Whenever I get a new rig I change the following in short order:
Oil and filter
Air filter and pollen filters if they look bad
Front and rear diff fluids
Tranny and transfer case fluids and tranny filter
Also I go around with the grease gun and have a good grease up and close inspection of u joints, brakes etc.
I don't change the brake fluid as a matter of course unless it looks disgusting under the cap.
I will inspect the plugs and leads, if they look old, they get replaced.
These jobs are easier than other rigs to work on as they have drains for the diffs etc where most do not.
Welcome aboard!

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