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New RR owner ... Hello!

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Super happy ... picked up a 2010 RR Sport Supercharged in Stornoway Grey w/Black interior w/HD Radio & Extended leather on Sat night. Traded in my 2002 S6 wagon with a heavy heart, but just didn't have the room to keep it.

Oddly enough, even with the Cayenne in the garage, the S6 was the preferred road trip sled - loads of power and a terrific suspension. The '04 Cayenne S didn't unseat it, but the RR Sport SC did! This is one amazing rig. Funny thing is, I've got an old YJ for around town runabout and as a trail rig - and this crazy truck looks to be (is?) more trail capable!

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You know, we are comparing an '04 to a '10 ... but here's my impressions: The Cayenne S feels like classic Porsche suspension... the harder you push it the more it "hunkers down" or settles down into the corner. It continually reminds me of how the Boxster S feels in the way that it approaches the problem. I'm continually amazed at how flat it corners and does so with a standard suspension setup.

You can feel the weight difference between the two - and the Cayenne feels more toss-able in comparison (if that's possible for such a heavy car!). The Range Rover, however, feels incredibly grounded and gives a calm demeanor which belies its abilities. It feels to me in the adaptive mode that if you take it easy, it softens up a bit, but the second you push it hard, it pushes back. Very confidence inspiring. The air suspension obviously levels the ride out quite a bit even in cornering.

With that said, right now I've got 255 winter tires on 18's vs 275 all season 20's on the RR. My gut feel is that the 275 19's that I run in the summer will even things up quite a bit.

Just before buying this the other night, I took out a 2010 Cayenne S and decided to keep the '04 because I really love the Porsches, and try the RR.

TriGem2k - my Boxster is Artic Silver as well ... this was a major bone of contention on Sat night. There were only 2 SC RR Sports in Sil - both on the east coast. Initially I didn't want the gray, but I've come to love it. But I do love that Porsche Silver (the Cayenne & the S6 I just traded were also Silver).
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Ukraine Range said:
Bottom line for me is that the Cayenne, even though it's a Porsche, blends in. The RRS does NOT, and congrats on the purchase. I was at my dealer the other day and the new interior is remarkable. Love the contrasted stitching.
Thanks ... I'm thrilled. Was a good move and I'm glad I pulled the trigger. 100% agree with the interior - but around these parts, the RR is every bit a belly button car / blend in as anything else in this category.
Where in MA? I lived there a long time ago North of Boston.

As far as styling goes, the Cayenne & RR couldn't be much further apart for similar dimensioned trucks: The RR rides 3" lower to the ground, yet stands 5" or so higher than the Cayenne. The Cayenne is super-rounded, buggy - a face only a mother could love - but sporty. The RR looks pretty refined and now pretty sporty, too. You sit much higher/upright in the RR - the Cayenne more upright than cars, but less than the RR.

Again, I'm quite happy with it and glad I kept the Cayenne
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