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New RR owner ... Hello!

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Super happy ... picked up a 2010 RR Sport Supercharged in Stornoway Grey w/Black interior w/HD Radio & Extended leather on Sat night. Traded in my 2002 S6 wagon with a heavy heart, but just didn't have the room to keep it.

Oddly enough, even with the Cayenne in the garage, the S6 was the preferred road trip sled - loads of power and a terrific suspension. The '04 Cayenne S didn't unseat it, but the RR Sport SC did! This is one amazing rig. Funny thing is, I've got an old YJ for around town runabout and as a trail rig - and this crazy truck looks to be (is?) more trail capable!

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So, how does the RRS compare to the Cayenne in ride and handling?
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