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New price of my HSE P38

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Hi all,
I was just wondering, what was the purchase price of my 97 4.6 RR?
how did the price compare to other 4WD (Landcruiser etc) and luxury cars?
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65.000 for a 97 Range Rover.
I was curious about that too, couldn't find prices on the net..
Actually I should have mentioned, I was interested in Australian prices
base vehicle 100 000+
HSE 120 000+ au dollars
land crusier sahara 70 to 80 000
there abouts.
NO 97 p38 is going to go for $65,000 ANYWHERE ON EARTH

Alan, take the time to search various territories in australia to gain a realistic average price....

Or hit up AULRO site and get lost in the absurd lay out of that sad site.
asked how much the new 500 hp rover was and the price was $228 thousand dollars for top of the range (Launceston dealer) and that was like 2 years ago. I looked at 95 96 model in Burnie when first released the sales person said it was $120 000 as he ran around looking for the fob as I touched the door handle and set off the alarm
Hi Mr Toad,
The question was what they were worth new, not their current value.
I purchased mine for not much over 1% of it's 97 new price.
im absolutely attached to it. My car of choice to drive and I have a stable of pretty serious cars.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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