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New Owner - Smartkey Question

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New owner of a 2010 RRS SC. Quick question. I am used to leaving my keys in my cars (on the console) so that I never have to worry about remembering to take my key to the garage. Does leaving the key in the RR cause systems to drain battery life, or does everything shut down? I have started leaving the key in the car about a week ago, and this morning I received a warning message when I opened the door telling me that the battery was low and that I should start the engine. Does anyone think that there is a link between the two?

Many thanks.
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I got that message once the first two weeks I owned my HSE and never saw it again. I wouldn't worry if until you see the same message a few more times. I would also think any drain is minimal.....keep in mind, if your ride gets stolen, some insurance companies will get ugly if you leave the keys in the vehicle :twisted:

OH and enjoy, I am envious of your supercharger :mrgreen:
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