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New Owner Old Classic Questions

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I recently became the owner of an 1987 Classic with the 3.5 injected gas engine. My first question is this an interference engine? I had to pull the distributor to fix some oil leaks and replace belts and now I can't get it to start to time it. What's the worst that can happen if the timing is 180 degrees off?
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Removing the distributor doesn't change the valve timing. I presume this is what you are refering to about interference?

Do you know how to check the rotor is in the right position at firing TDC on No 1?
What I was really trying to find out is if the timing was 180 degrees off and I tried to start it, could I in any way bend valves? My brother GAVE me this really nice Classic and I really love the way it drives and don't want to hurt it but the throttle response is really poor and sluggish. I had time to really look it over today and found the rotor pointing to somewhere between #2 and #7 at TDC. It sure does run better now!
You can damage valves if the valve timing is wrong, but the ignition timing doesn't affect anything mechanical, it just won't run.
Sorry to be late posting a reply but thanks for the responses! Rovie is now running well again. I love driving this unique little truck! This forum has been a great resource for a new owner.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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