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1970-1995 Range Rover Classic
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I have had several Land Rovers but never a Range Rover. Now I own 2 a 2001 P38 in very nice condition and 1991 Classic.
The 1991 Classic is a Lichfield edition with the 5 liter TVR engine. Not been able to find out much information about this edition. Any help please?
The condition is not that good but can be restored. Engine sounds fantastic. Not had a chance yet to fully explore the car and condition.
I was going to restore this one and sell it, keep the P38 but now I am thinking maybe the Lichfield is the one to keep?
Anybody know the value depending on condition? Do I restore it or sell it as is now? This is my dilemma.
Sorry for all these questions as a new member. Looking forward to your comments.
As interest I am located in Southern Alberta, Canada
1 - 4 of 4 Posts