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Foollowing on from my list of niggles. I have the book symbol on my HEVAC.
I have had it plugged into a T4 and it gave me a list of problems. The blend motors need changing, I have replaced the sensor that clips onto the side of the matrix feed pipes as well as the O rings. Next thing to change is the trianry switch / dual pressure switch on the compressor. Is the photo below, the thing Im after changing? The little copper cap fits in a housing on top of the compressor.[attachment=0:sv5uza2m]Trinary.jpg[/attachment:sv5uza2m]

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The parts in the photo are the connector to the clutch and the thermal switch which is part of the compressor.

The switches that are on your list for replacement are together with the dryer just next to the radiator on the left side of the verhicle behind the bumper.
For this you have to make the AC system empty and remove the dryer which need to be changed also.

Good luck.

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