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Solved the fuel latch problem - installed a push button switch tapped to the park light. Better than the cable/string. Only thing is, you can open the alternative button when electricity is present i nthe park light.

I have a problem though. front passenger door does not recognize intial signal for locking doors. nor does the alarm trigger when door is opened. central locking ownt work when all doors are closed. anohter thing, the tailgate button switch does not work so i cant open the tailgate now! any suggestions?

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This could be an attack of the electric gremlins.

The tailgate latch will not function properly if there is something wrong with the sensors that tell you when the tailgate is open or closed.

I've been having the same problem and I had the whole thing in bits last weekend trying to fix a tailgate latch that always works on the top glass door, but sometimes just refuses to work on the bottom door.

After taking the entire mechanism to bits and putting it back together again after finding nothing wrong I tried disconnecting the sensor - it worked fine every time :?

I then reconnected the sensor and it is back to working intermittently, I've now shorted out the sensor so that it thinks the door is permanently shut and the latch seems fine.
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