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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi all

New member here and totally new to Range Rover too.

Have spent the last 30 years dreaming of owning a P38 (Yeah i know!!!) Finally having purchased a 2000 X plate 90k miles three weeks ago.

Overall impressed with it, however, it was owned by a German chap who wanted RHD but with German Message Centre.

Having rung around a few dealers / indies and quoted £60 to change it to English, (All who I contacted also charged £60 just to read codes). I searched the forums and came across RSW Solutions who offer the EAS Unlock Ver 4 which seems to do an awful lot including reading / clearing codes. A quick email to Storey to confirm the language can be changed and placed the order. Just waiting for it to arrive now and I'll be good to make the change. If I use the software / hardware three times, It'll have paid for itself.

Looking forward to using the P38 more and more and of course, no doubt I'll be using the forums for help etc.
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