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Bonjour All.
Bought my first RRS 3.6 Twin Turbo V8 around 6 months ago with 99,000 full LR SH and only 2 owners.
Being a mechanic I gave it a main service and renewed the DSC , PS & Brake fluids.
All was going well till the car went into slow down mode with ENGINE SYSTEM FAULT being displayed. When shutting off engine all was ok to drive without booting. The reason for this was that there was a split in the top turbo intercooler hose. £22 from eBay and hopefully when it arrives I’ll fit it and all will be fine. It’s a 5 minute job MAX.
Also the stereo kind of went into zombie mode. Wasn’t dead or alive. Just the radio worked. I took out the stereo and pulled apart to find there are 2 ribbon connectors on top of the motherboard that has come loose over time. Reconnected and all works perfect.
Just thought I’d let you know in case you have problems in this area.
I’ve also got a diesel chip on him and on highest setting takes up to 350 bhp with masses of torque And getting up to 7 miles per gallon. Not tank. But gallon. Worth investing in one of these.
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